When People Give Unconditionally

As the materialism and competiveness of the world seems to be growing, it’s very rare to still find people who give unconditionally.

So what exactly is unconditional giving?

Let us first understand the word, “conditional”. When we do something conditionally, we are doing it with an agenda. And most often, it’s a hidden agenda. This is where the notion of “what’s in it for me” comes.

Now let’s understand the word “unconditional”. When you do something just because your heart tells you so and it tell you this is right. There are no agendas. It is truly letting go, where the heart says “I am Glad I did that”

How wonderful would the world become if we could have more of such “Unconditional Givers”.

How can we as a society, as communities become more unconditional.. and find inspiration in giving than receiving?

I have been lucky enough to have few of such great people in my life, and when I reflect back on my life’s learning then it’s from these “unconditional souls” that I have had the biggest learning, and surely see that they have made an impression of a lifetime.

Sharing here is a thought I penned down for one such soul would moved on to give others unconditionally.


First rays of sun, the mystic dew

Tells us it’s a morning new,

The chirping birds , and blooming buds

tête-à-tête with the parting moon.


For the tranquil moon stood by to guard

When the night was deep and dark

Their ray of hope, their only source

Seemed going off too far.


The reassuring moon is a promising tune,

That’s how some people are

They come to life for a reason right,

And gone when you know who they are.


Such souls are few, and difficult too

Learn, Share and Rejoice.

For the when they adieu, the words from you

Would be more than just Thank you!.


  • Heena Verma


1 thought on “When People Give Unconditionally”

  1. Good Post!!
    I have many comments.
    We create our list of things for survival, food, materials, name fame, recognition etc etc… and we have 24 hrs a day .. if we need to think and work for our survival most of the time, there can not be a thought of giving!
    People who understand this , they put the limitation on their ‘List’ and have more time for ‘Giving’.
    We should not wonder, if someone is not feared for survival ‘ll always think of giving.
    In the world of Advertising it is easy to program any person hence increase their List. (some time it also happens due to social pressure) .

    Any one can think of their basic necessity have a control on List, and invest more time in giving.

    You, I and many of us, talking these things after all.. some one has invested their time (Giving) of life 🙂

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