When Mistakes Happen

In life, consciously or unconsciously, we all make mistakes. While most mistakes in life are small and leave us with a healthy realization, there are some which can be fatal.

Generally, a mistake is a decision or an action that we come to regret. Mistakes usually cause some degree of pain, loss or struggle. Certainly we might agree that we don’t like the consequences and hence we call it a mistake. The irony is that these events that we try so hard to avoid may be precisely what we need to experience. They help us learn , grow and mature as individuals

What is interesting is that sometimes you commit these acts knowing that it’s a mistake, the consequence of the same could very well be predicated upfront that this will end up creating more pain, still we do it. Why?

A mistake is an event, the full benefit of which we have not come to realize.

Benefit or no benefit , Unfortunately your conscious mistakes can be a reason of pain and worry for so many others around you … a right which you misuse and in turn make them party to the suffering… is it fair? Who are we trying to fool in the process? Our own self?

Finally get blown off by the after effects….

When life knocks you down you have two choices- stay down or get up. There is one additional choice .. “pick up something while you are getting up”. ..

Make everything work towards the end…. Coz finally… “All ‘s well that ends well”

When Mistakes happen… We learn..

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  1. Good post, If a person think about people around mistakes likely to be less, An individualistic ego drives to mistakes, people realize in their life; sooner or later.

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