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Enough and more has been emphasized in the last few decades on competencies and their significance in scouting for talent both internally and externally. Infact most organisations take pride in the fact that their HR process (Hire-Develop-Performance-Retain) are all anchored in the world of competencies. Thanks to the popularity, competency development and assessment is today a multi-billion dollar industry globally.

While I personally have indulged in the world of competencies, of late I have been forcing myself to challenge my assumptions.  The pace of world and the given business dynamics therein is rather questioning the rhetoric – “Been there done that”. Competencies are the combination of observable and measurable knowledge, skills, abilities and personal attributes that contribute to enhanced employee performance and ultimately result in organizational success. How can you predict the successful application of these competencies in unfamiliar setups – the VUCA environment ?

Well – that’s precisely why its time for “Competencies” to take the backseat, and “Potential” to take over.  Potential is the ability to adopt and master the increasingly complex roles and environments.

So look out for the following next time you are hiring or managing internal redeployment

  1. Motivation : Personal drive and ambition, with a huge “Bias for Action”.
  2. Curiosity : A perennial learner , who is perfectly comfortable with what he/she doesnot know. Eager and willing to seek help and feedback.
  3. Insight : A ability to connect the dots, actively reflect to draw patterns and see what no one sees.
  4. Engagement : Thrive on relationships and networks, navigate the increasing complex environment with as much political astuteness as pure influence and charm.
  5. Determination: Bounce back after failures, be comfortable in being vulnerable, own up to actions and celebrate the journey as much as the destination.


Organisations who will survive and thrive in the coming time will be the ones who are constantly reinventing themselves. To reinvent – stop “Romancing the past achievements” and start “Celebrating Possibilities and Potential”.

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