The Rush Hour!! – Is it self created?

Often we tend to leave things to the last minute and wait for the deadline tricker to buzz off, we love the fact we management to do the job “JUST IN TIME” (not the one we study in our business school)

Why do we do this ? We like the Adrenaline Rush !!

Adrenaline Rush refers to an activity of the Adrenal gland in a Fight-or-flight response, when it is releasing Adrenaline (Epinephrine). A chronic hyper adrenaline is a common symptom of an anxiety disorder. An Adrenaline Rush causes the muscles to perform fermentation at an increased rate improving strength

Just like any addition, have we got addicted to the adrenaline hormone? And we find pleasure in the state of anxiety !

Is it a strategy we adopt? Because we know that “The best of me, can only be, when I am closest to the deadline”. What should we call this? How about a “Proactive-Delaying Strategy” Sounds Quite interesting!

There are some good reasons for a decision-delaying strategy. If the situation you are facing is uncertain, changing, and there are plenty of options and competing possibilities then one strategy is to just wait and see what happens. The problem of today might very well be a distant memory tomorrow. Technologies like mobile phones support this strategy. Who needs to precisely plan a get together when you can text some friends on the spur of the moment, find out where they are and nominate a rendezvous point there and then. Does this sound uncomfortable? Get used to it because this is the way the world is moving.

“Nothing makes a person more productive than the last minute”

How should management use this: A good idea would be to keep shorter and closer deadline, that way you are also creating a high performance culture. They like the rush and you like the Productivity and shorter turnaround time.

I better sign off , I have my deadline ticker buzzed and I am going on high!!! Thanks to the RUSH HOUR !!!



Heena Verma

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