My most expensive spent so far !!

expensive spent 1

I thought I was dreaming; but no it was true

My most expensive spent was staring at me; with rue.

What kind of spent is this; comes with no receipt,

A guarantee nor a warranty; nothing which I receive.

User own discretion, it said. Once used no return

No repair when damage is done, and surely no refund

And there was more in the instructions, I wish I had read

Use it wisely you mortal, it’s a powerful wizard you will dread

For it comes with a mind of its own; and naughty it is

How well you treat and use it; it treats you back with added fizz,

It likes to give you the taste of your own medicine

So be careful; and don’t make it all bleak

You better be good, and be the nicest nice

Use it with lot of wisdom; grow up; be wise!

It has the power to change your destiny

Make sure you use it with all the scrutiny.

Alas the instructions came in too late,

I had already used a lot of it till date!

Oh regret! I wish I had been more careful,

My most expensive spent was looking very scornful.

Little did I realise, I had it now for a while

Like a naïve, not reading between the lines.

The name by which the world calls it is “Time”;

Something no way could I ever rewind

A poetry written as a new year gift for my son – Nikunj Verma

– Heena Verma

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