Life is about filling colours !!

As I wake up to this fresh morning after a beautiful day of celebration yesterday , I realized that there is more meaning to the festival of “Holi”.

We, as a family, celebrated Holi yesterday, applying colours to each other, music , dance and good food ( without the intoxicating “bhang” !!)

As I applied the colours to others, few things which were like important life lessons came in front of me.

  1. I had the control on whether I wanted to apply colour to someone or not (infact even if I wanted to play “Holi” or Not !!)
  2. I had the option to choose between the colours ( bright, dull or dark )
  3. I also had the option of choosing just how much I would like to apply on a particular individual…( just a little as a formality or a lot to have fun and tease!!)

Isn’t this what life is about ?.. where you have the power to colour it in your very own way… choose the right colour .. right people and make your life magical .. just the way you want !!.

  1. You have the option of adding colors to your life or let life simply drift away colourless.
  2. You have the option of choosing bright happy colours in your life or dull and sad reflectors.
  3. You have the option deciding who is important to you in your life and just what place do you want to give him/her in your heart.

Hope you know that your life too is an empty colouring book for which you are the painter !!





4 thoughts on “Life is about filling colours !!”

  1. Holi is festival of colors, I agree! it is also more then that…an uninterrupted flow between the people, heart to heart !
    So there is no choice of colors, people etc…it is simply … It is or it is not(by heart).
    Th idea of choosing color people etc…seams to be cosmetic, as good as going to beauty pearler and getting your hairs and face customized…’as per choice’.
    Holi “is” colorful, Life “is” colorful….
    The Idea of being a painter makes it unnatural hence plastic … may be ugly too.


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