Leadership is a Terminal value

We have two kinds of values – terminal values (big large term goals that we work toward – basically the result we are working toward) – freedom, equality, self respect, secure family, stable home life, good marriage, quality friendships, blessed ministries, etc. Terminal Values refer to desirable end-states of existence. These are the goals that a person would like to achieve during his or her lifetime. – Here for us to discuss is the fact that “Leadership is a terminal value”


The second type of values are instrumental values – these are the ones that we live daily to accomplish the terminal values. These would be like – open communication, honesty, dependability, trustworthiness, self control, independence, etc.  – Here we say them to be the “Characteristics of a Leader”


Two things must occur for our terminal values to work out though. First your terminal values / goals have to be in line with your instrumental values. If the two do not match then you will never achieve your long term goals. The second key is to be around people, organizations, or groups that help you develop, maintain and achieve your values. Basically, the key to a successful value based life is following our core values daily while working, and living, around institutions, groups and individuals that share our same values and goals.  Ideally this should reflect in the “culture of the organisation” which is nothing but a set of shared values.


Value is an Active verb , which is subjective.

So is Leadership – A personal preference – coming from your Terminal value , achieved through rightfully aligned instrumental values.

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