In search of diamonds


Born in a family of diamond merchants, diamonds have always fascinated me. I still remember asking my dad to give me a big one  I could play with, and he would reply

Look around you will find diamonds , look within you will find one too.


As a child little did I understood what he was saying. I took his words literally and looked under the furniture,  inside the cupboards and even in the dustbin. Never did I find one !!. One fine day on my 13th birthday he gifted me something special. Nicely wrapped in a pretty little box was a piece of coal !!! I was heartbroken for I was expecting my big diamonds and instead I have coal !!. That day my dad told me something which I never can forget.

This piece of coal is a diamond in the making, if it withstands pressure, extreme temperature and all the difficulties that nature throws at it , it will surely turn into a fantastic diamond. Similarly there is a diamond inside you, if you are courageous enough and never give up on difficulties then sure you will turn into a very fine diamond.  The world will value you for the brilliance in you.

That day I realised that my dad was more than a dad to me, he was my friend , philosopher and guide. He was my first mentor. So fascinated I was with diamond that I took it as a symbolic guru. And learnt many things from it , most importantly from the process of how it is made.  If I had to evolve as a diamond I better learn how it evolved in the first place. The diamonds are found in deep mines and needs a good experienced miner to really identify it amongst the many other stones and pebbles.  Similarly in our life we come across many people who help us discover who we are and what we really can be. Mentors, coaches,  teachers , parents and many more. Do we really know what difference they are making to our life?

In the next stage a professional gemologist determines what shape should the rough diamond be cut into and from where such that maximum value can be derived from it.  We have genuine advisers around us and many we can seek guidance from but how willing are we ?

The next stage of shaping and polishing the diamond requires another diamond to help and support. It takes a diamond to cut a diamond and polish it’s 58 facets that will really bring out the lustre.  In our life we come across many such people some inspiring some threatening and many others, Similar are some of the experiences and situations we face. All this together makes us and shapes us into who we are, the difference is do we look at each of them as a diamond who is here to shape the diamond within us ?  Think again ? How differently will you react next time you are faced with a “diamond”

Finally it takes 4 Cs to define the value of a diamond – cut, clarity , colour and carat. But it takes only 1 C to define us, the diamond within us and that is Character.

We have each 1 life time and 1 diamond within. Shape it well so that it’s value is defined as “priceless” Remember it takes just 1 C – character.

  • As told by Manisha Hitesh Shah.

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