Discovering New Oceans

Being a Piscean and having grown-up in a city by the sea, I have always admired and got inspired by the beautiful sea.

The sea had become an integral part of me and my lifestyle… I used to go there with my family, friends and sometime alone – when I needed time to introspect. And in the due course I have learnt many things from it.

Of the many lessons , one which is riposting to me is –

Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to loose sight of the shore.

We all want to find new shores, newer opportunities and newer dimensions of everything.

What is needed is to come-out of your comfort zone and find a new yourself in the courage zone.

We need to take risk, we need to be comfortable about loosing whatever seems so predictable to us now.

I feel I am ready !!… its time I move on … deeper into the ocean… perhaps in the course of this journey I find my ownself.


Cheers !!


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