An Unfinished Agenda

Whenever we start some something, we start with a huge passion a sense of ownership and commitment, we create dreams around it and go full throttle to achieve it all.

But then suddenly something happens, and without even realizing it, the pressure on your accelerator drops, and you seem to be shifting gears and everything slows down? You feel disconnected from your dreams, and the passion has died down. Why does this happen?

What makes us do that? .. Is it us?.. .. others ? …circumstances… ? Why do we need to find excuses and reasons to avoid blaming ourselves?

But the fact remains … An Unfinished Agenda !!…

What about the others who became part of this Agenda ?… what about the dreams you helped them see ?… what you started was no longer yours alone… you got others involved too.. what about them ? Do we have the right to make their dream an unfinished dream too… ??

Have you ever tried re-visiting your “Unfinished Agenda” ? … I tried and failed again…. Which made me realize that it is better to leave them in the state they are , as their final destined outcome was to be “Unfinished” . All your efforts at completing them would take you nowhere, and only make you feel a failure once again. J

Moral of the Story: Some things in life are best left “Unfinished”





5 thoughts on “An Unfinished Agenda”

  1. Agenda: A construction of human brain.
    Completion/Finished/Unfinished: Criteria of human brain.
    Moral of the Story: Some things in life are best left “Unfinished”…One more trick of brain….
    Any agenda can be achieved if it is confined to the person itself, rest is all dynamics, so follow the Geeta, build strategy take in action..never think of result…not even conclude like moreal of the story.. 🙂

  2. Some painfull thoughts above. I feel sometimes it depends on the Agenda and it may not be just possible to get it finished by just revisting it. It may have got lot more complex with time and need some more time to get it fininshed.

    You dont have to give it up and stamp it as a failure until u realize u gave all ur possible best shot and even with time and the others involved doent understand you enough and your reason of a revisit.

    Life is all about fun and we all hold to key to it.

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