A Rollercoaster Ride

Have you ever been on a rollercoaster? Well I have been on plenty and find them the best rides when in an amusement park , some of the best rides I have been on are in Sentosa in Singapore and the Universal Studios in Florida. I guess God has been very kind to me and decided to make me experience this fun for a little longer time and create a rollercoaster ride especially designed for me in my life. So this amusement park (i.e.) my life has been very interesting in the last few months J.

This high speed rollercoaster could not have been more interesting , unlike the high tech roller coasters which have a well designed safety net , belts and gears , this one particular leaves the individual to find his / her own protection mechanism so that it’s your responsibility that you are still hanging on between the inverted spirals and lighting speed.

In a traditional roller coaster you generally keep your eyes open which allows you to anticipate the next turn and the possible impacts they could have on you , thus you are well prepared and your reflexes work accurately. Interestingly in the roller coaster of life you surely have no clue as to how things will be like in the coming future and the so called future comes soon enough and leaves you with little preparation and you are caught off guard. Wanna experience what it is? Next time go on a roller coaster with your eyes closed and you will know what I am speaking.

Finally in the traditional rollercoaster you know there is an end and there will be a Photo finish moment catching you in the weirdest of expression and allowing you a hearty laugh for you had decided to have a little fun in this weird way… J

While in the rollercoaster of life you surely don’t know when will it end , and doubt the circumstances be described as a the high or the low.. or if there is any more of the highs or lows to be reached… but as they say enjoy the ride there surely will be a photo finish moment too.… and lots to laugh about later J


Cheers !!



PS : After a long time went to Birla Mandir and found lot of strength to hold-on and play the game. There sure is a referee to give the yellow or red card when it gets too rough. After all the “Hand of God” is not there in football alone.

Reminds me of a nice song.


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